Flower Carpet 2020


Valletta Green Festival 2020.
Commissioned by the Valletta Cultural Agency.

Photo taken by Jonathan Borg Zigli
Initial Sketch

With the floral element being the main focus of this yearly event, the design is inspired by Art Nouveau floral patterns and frame layouts. The artwork draws attention to the middle piece and sheds light upon this year’s theme of biodiversity, by including a variety of elements to represent our environment, as well as the local flora and fauna. Furthermore, the triptych layout is structured in a way that allows the viewer to interact with the design by walking through the paths to admire the colorful carpet closely. By doing so, the viewer becomes part of the installation and represents the human element, that compromises the future of our biodiversity.

Close up of Materials used
Flowers and turf, hazelnut shells, carob pods, algae, lemons and paper fans, to refer to elements of biodiversity.

Rights belong to Skyline webcams. Project commissioned by the VCA.

As for the concept, the representations of the prehistoric dwarf elephants, stand aside the bee, that acts as a protagonist, both in the layout and also in biodiversity itself. The juxtaposition of these two species, of which one has gone extinct, raises the awareness of bees needing our protection, not to become extinct like the elephants. Rather than bearing a negative connotation, the design aspires to incorporate an encouraging message for people to become aware of this issue and perhaps take measures to safeguard nature, in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem that can survive generations. With that being mentioned, a children’s area was planned to be framed within the design, to represent the future generations to whom we owe a healthy biodiversity. Due to the pandemic, sadly this was left empty.

Official Photos