Kings of Carnival

Commissioned by Festivals Malta 2020.
Project, as part of the Bachelors course. Ours was the winning artwork and as a reward, we were assigned to rebrand the Carnival design for 2020.
Team: Amber Seychell, Francesca Falzon, Sergio Laferla, Lisa M Karhler

We all contributed towards the concept of opposing kings, with Grandmaster La Vallette being the happy one, while Grandmaster Lascaris being the grumpy one. The concept refers to the local carnival bans brought forward by Lascaris, and the carnival celebrations promoted by La Vallette – both events at different times.

Everyone was assigned different tasks and all tasks were equally important. Amber and Francesca were in charge of the extensive research about the Maltese Carnival and its history, and also the magazine layout, gifs, brochure and ticket-passes. I was assigned to create the graphic art. Sergio created the beautiful portraits.

Final Art Work
Endless nights in good company <3
The above was the actual artwork that we submitted – therefore, the winning artwork.
The agency, however asked for some changes and we were happy to make them happy!