Plan Bee

A proposal for ‘Movement – Monumental Art for the Marsa Junction Project’, Malta Infrastructure

The Proposal did not get through. Many participating/competing artists belong to a much higher level, so the competition was tough! However I did enjoy expressing my opinion + I submitted the same material as an assignment for my Bachelors course…. I mean, why not?


As a compassionate human being, I feel responsible to inform myself about
the environment in order to make eco friendly decisions to respect the numerous
creatures that depend on a healthy environment to survive. The more I inform myself
about the interlacing activities of biodiversity and other related areas, the more I feel
closely connected to the environment that surrounds me, and this compels me to
actively translate this crucial information through my artwork. I believe that by
inspiring people to follow this path or at least to help them start considering eco
friendly options rather than the most convenient ones, I am doing my part in acting
on behalf of the environment.

On my journey of research and information, I learned that bees play a main
part in conserving our biodiversity. Benjamin (2019), reports that bees pollinate the
flora, which sustains living creatures and also provide us with one out of three bites
that we consume. Various reliable sources claim that bees are facing extinction due
to climate change and fractured habitats, among other endangering factors. Due to
the mentioned facts, over the past few years, representations of bees or icons that
remind us of these beautiful creatures have been extensively used by companies to
claim sustainability. Therefore, using a representation that refers to bees can act as
an environmental icon that the viewer is already familiar with.

Apart from the saddened state of the situation that needs to be addressed, it
is also my intention to encourage the work to be perceived in relation to bees’
produce, and make reference to our local agriculture and our country’s Roman name
Melita, which means honey in Greek.

From inspiration to 3D

The Maquette

A Maquette had to be created + submitted for the application to go through